8 oz piece (avg rw)

Our dry curd aged Mozzarella is in a class all its own. The process of aging this cultured cheese brings out the unique flavors in our fresh whole cow’s milk. This mozzarella maintains its creaminess during the aging process, developing that old-world flavor over time. Isabella is very versatile in the kitchen with many cooking uses – from pizzas to lasagnas to sandwiches. But the great flavor and smooth texture of this cheese make it a delightful addition to any antipasto tray!

Aged 9 months (aging accentuates grassy notes of the milk)

Food – Perfect for pizza, sandwiches and pasta dishes this is a full-flavor cheese with a creamy texture.
Drinks – Hefeweizen, Chardonnay

* If you plan to order more than any assortment of cheeses over 9 total lbs, please contact us directly to order.