Braddock’s Best Baby Swiss


8 oz piece (avg rw)

This traditional Swiss cheese is made in the Emmental-style of the Old World. It strikes the perfect balance of nutty, smooth and sweet. A visual beauty, it holds its own on a cheese board and pairs well with fruit. Our award-winning Swiss melts well – Braddock’s Best is a natural on top of any great burger or Rueben!

Aged 9 months (Emmental style bold, nutty Swiss flavor)

Food – The extraordinary beauty of Antietam Baby Swiss makes it a visual delight on any cheese board but don’t stop there. Somewhere there is a lonely Reuben sandwich looking for just the right cheese to call friend!
Drinks – Stout, Pinot Noir

* If you plan to order more than any assortment of cheeses over 9 total lbs, please contact us directly to order.