Black Jack


8 oz piece (avg rw)

Black Pepper lovers rejoice! This is a Monterey Jack-style cheese enhanced with cracked black peppercorns and then perfectly aged. An award winner, Black-Jack is soft, smooth and very creamy. Naturally a good snacking cheese, its versatility knows no bounds from cheese board to mac ‘n cheese, burgers and chili! Black-Jack is truly an all-around winner!

Aged 3-9 months (award-winning classic Monterey Jack w/ cracked black peppercorns)

Food – An excellent eating cheese and pairs well with tomatoes, marinated roasted red peppers and balsamic vinegars or reductions. But the flavors are significantly enhanced by cooking with it. Add this versatile cheese to any pasta dish for extra flavor and zest.
Drinks – Saison, Syrah

* If you plan to order more than any assortment of cheeses over 9 total lbs, please contact us directly to order.